Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Has Been Ordered for Custom Awning Orders

Update: The 2014 shipment of marine grade awning fabric is Sattler 47" wide fabric that is equally vibrant on both sides.
Pictures are posted in the right hand column of my blog for viewing.
The vintage trailer awning fabric has arrived and the colors are even nicer than I had anticipated! I am in the process of taking my own pictures, of the fabric rolls.  Spools of matching thread have been placed next to each pattern as a color reference. The marine grade Dickson fabric is 47 inches wide, 100% acrylic,  and equally vibrant on both sides.

Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Pattern Numbers from left to right:
8287, 8607, 8608, 8613, 8614, 8619 SOLD OUT
Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Numbers from front to back:
8290, 8602, 8619, 8614,8613, 8608, 8287 SOLD OUT

Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Pattern Numbers from left to right: 8608, 8613, 8614,8619, 8602, 8290 SOLD OUT

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here We Go Again-Vintage Trailer Awnings Everywhere!

As promised, I have been using up my existing Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric inventory and preparing room for my next shipment of awning fabric for Spring. I did purchase one roll recently, for those of you who keep asking for a blue and yellow pattern for a vintage trailer awning. The temperature here in Georgia has remained moderate, allowing me to continue  sewing vintage trailer awnings in my basement workshop. This past Fall, I concentrated on "Earthy "colors for awnings, so I decided to brighten the Spring selection  up a bit. I will post the new patterns as they arrive. Expect to see shades of yellow from pale to bright, and  shades of  green from lime to light!

Sunbrella 5003 Linen Navy Lemon Fancy