Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Measures To Prepare Your Awning for Stormy Weather

The Dog Days Of Summer are upon us, here in Georgia.The stifling, oppressive, heat is almost unbearable. Every afternoon, severe thunderstorms pummel us with hail, drench us with rain, petrify us with cloud to ground lightning, and blast us with 60 mile per hour down bursts or straight line winds. It's a daily routine picking up tree limbs, twigs and branches full of leaves; yet we remain thankful that one,of our many trees, didn't blow over onto our house. As long as the power stays on I keep sewing away, making vintage trailer awnings in the safety of my basement. dfoster@bellsouth.net
Let me share with you, how to prepare your vintage trailer awning for stormy weather. We added medium weight springs and a pulley to each of our tie-down lines. We also Tee-Pee our adjustable height tent poles for rain run off. If you have more than three tent poles, graduate the height of the poles from highest to lowest to achieve rain run off. These few simple measures will  help prepare your vintage trailer awning for those unexpected wind gusts or a full- fledged storm.

Tee-Pee your awning with adjustable height tent poles

Ready for Flight!


Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2011 Fall Inventory Of Fabric For Vintage Trailer Awnings Has Arrived

Pictures of  the new Fall 2011 inventory of Fabric for vintage trailer awnings, while it is still on my truck!
I was able to find some awning fabric with earth tones to coordinate with the vintage trailers from the 70's.
The Coastal Herbal and the entire roll of Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe have already been sold. If you see a pattern that you might like for your vintage trailer's awning, let me know and I will take a picture of it unrolled for you.

Inquire about Spring 2012 patterns because there is limited yardage left as of  June 2012.
Just Arrived 2012 SOLD
Just Arrived 2012

Yes, there is a waiting list, but a PayPal payment reserves your fabric of choice and a place in line for a Fall Vintage Trailer Awning to enjoy.
Boston Taupe sold, Alpine Terracotta Classic sold, Alpine Beige, Forest Green Regimental sold, Lankford Woodland sold, Colonnade Juniper sold, Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe sold, Pacific Blue Natural sold

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Vintage Trailer Awning Am I Working On Today?


Today I am working on a Plum Fancy 15' x 8' vintage trailer awning for an Airstream. I also have four other vintage camper awnings in different stages of production. My dining room has turned into an awning fabric disaster zone. Keep in mind, my actual workshop is in the basement! Now you can actually see why I say, "Do not procrastinate about ordering a vintage RV awning".
 I should know, in a couple of days, some of the new patterns numbers that will be available for custom awning orders.
 It must be disappointing to find out that I have just run out of fabric and that I also have a long waiting list for awning orders, especially when you have just found my Blog. Please check back in a few days.                                           
Thanks for keeping me so busy, Kristi         
 Fall 2011 fabric patterns and pictures are listed below:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It is Time to Purchase More Awning Fabric Already!


Here are the new Sunbrella Marine Grade fabric patterns that  just arrived for Fall 2011 vintage trailer awnings:

4854 Coastal Herbal SOLD
4856 Colonnade Juniper SOLD
4924 Alpine/Terra Cotta Classic  SOLD                                          
4928 Beaufort Alpine/Beige
4945 Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD
4963 Forest Green Regimental SOLD
4971 Lankford Woodland SOLD
Pacific Blue/Natural 60" Wide SOLD
7514 Boston Taupe- Dickson Fabric SOLD
4905 Burgundy Trasitional
5003 Linen/Navy/Lemon Fancy SOLD

Update: In the process of ordering fabric for Spring 2013.

 Each year the abundance of Spring camping rallies scheduled, all across the country, always brings on a frantic rush for vintage trailer awnings. As usual, now that Summer is upon us, I find that another extremely busy awning season has depleted my inventory and reduced the entire fabric selection down to a few patterns with limited yardage. My vintage camper awning fabric selection has dwindled down to the patterns shown above. If you see one that you like, just inquire to see if there is enough fabric left for the size of awning that you need. Thanks again for another wonderful awning season. I will continue to use up the patterns that I have left, to make room for my next bulk order of fabric. Inquire at dfoster@bellsouth.net