Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Measures To Prepare Your Awning for Stormy Weather

The Dog Days Of Summer are upon us, here in Georgia.The stifling, oppressive, heat is almost unbearable. Every afternoon, severe thunderstorms pummel us with hail, drench us with rain, petrify us with cloud to ground lightning, and blast us with 60 mile per hour down bursts or straight line winds. It's a daily routine picking up tree limbs, twigs and branches full of leaves; yet we remain thankful that one,of our many trees, didn't blow over onto our house. As long as the power stays on I keep sewing away, making vintage trailer awnings in the safety of my basement. dfoster@bellsouth.net
Let me share with you, how to prepare your vintage trailer awning for stormy weather. We added medium weight springs and a pulley to each of our tie-down lines. We also Tee-Pee our adjustable height tent poles for rain run off. If you have more than three tent poles, graduate the height of the poles from highest to lowest to achieve rain run off. These few simple measures will  help prepare your vintage trailer awning for those unexpected wind gusts or a full- fledged storm.

Tee-Pee your awning with adjustable height tent poles

Ready for Flight!