Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TAC The Airstream Club Rally at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia April 27-29, 2012

John has asked me to help promote the TAC Rally for Spring of 2012. In order to preserve the $49.00 special rally rate, free entrance to the park instead of $10.00 per car fee, plus a second day Adventure pass free with the purchase of the one day pass, we need to make our reservations soon. Stone Mountain has saved a group of 30 purple premium sites for us, but can only hold them for so long. March 21,2012 is the date when they will release the sites to the general public. The phone number is 770-498-5710 and ask for Darlene. Even the 10 extra sites that were added in the orange loop have now been sold out. Two Motorhome only sites may still be available in the Purple Loop.Thank you for such a great response to this TAC Rally.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Forest Green Regimental Vintage Trailer Awning in Progress

Forest Green Regimental and Putty Regimental
Today I am working on a custom vintage trailer awning that is 12' x 8', made from Sunbrella marine grade fabric # 4963 which is Forest Green Regimental. I will soon be making another rope and pole awning out of the remaining Forest Green Regimental fabric that will be approximately 11' x 9'. Also in progress is a 7'6" x 9'  vintage camper awning made from Sunbrella # 4956 sold, which is Heather Beige 6 Bar. Putty Regimental # 4961 sold is also started, for a vintage RV awning  that is approximately 9' x 8' sold. I will continue to make as many random sized vintage trailer awnings as I can until it gets close to the Holidays or too cold in my workshop basement, which ever comes first! I have one more local vintage trailer rally to attend the first weekend in

Friday, October 14, 2011

Camping at James Island County Park Near Charleston, SC

We just returned from a camping trip to James Island County Park Campground near Charleston, SC. We have a great time everytime we stay there. It is very convenient to downtown Charleston and close to Folly Beach, which is dog friendly. Actually, you don't even need to leave the park to be totally content. Dutch Puppy loves the dog park on the lake and just relaxing by the campfire. We were glad that the predicted 8 inches of rain and high winds only turned into a couple of heavy drenchers with sunshine popping out in between downpours.
For more information about the campground click on the link. They were setting up for the Festival of Lights, that opens in November. dfoster@bellsouth.net

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Busiest Awning Making Season

My 2011 custom vintage trailer awning making season is now winding down. I am in the process of reorganizing my basement workshop and inventorying my remaining Sunbrella patterns, in preparation for making about ten more small camper awnings. So far this year, I have already made and sold 43 rope and pole awnings; my busiest season yet. Be sure to visit http://www.vintageawnings.blogspot.com frequently, to see what RV awnings that I am presently working on and that I will be posting for sale. Get on out there and enjoy camping in the crisp Fall weather; you know I will be! dfoster@bellsouth.net

Monday, September 19, 2011

Southern Appalachian Tearjerkers Rally at Devil's Fork State Park in Salem, SC

We attended out first Tearjerkers Rally this past weekend at Devil's Fork Campground in SC. We met attendees from the Georgia and Southern Appalachian Chapters of Tearjerkers. I attempted to take pictures of everyone's trailers, but my camera batteries died! If I missed a few, I apologize. The Pot-Luck social on Saturday night had plenty of great food and fellowship. We unfortunately arrived late on Friday night and missed some of the other planned activities. As usual, we were in our vintage 1968 Avion, but there were Shastas, a Scotty, a tiny pop-up tent trailer, an Itsy bitsy trailer pulled behind a motorcycle and a wide assortment of amazing teardrop type trailers. We felt welcomed and had a wonderful time.
More pictures follow:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

American Made Vintage Trailer Awning Displayed on a Shasta

Over this Labor Day weekend, another American made vintage trailer awning was proudly displayed on a Shasta. The products used in the constuction of my rope and pole awnings are made in America; marine grade Sunbrella fabric is made in the USA, along with the #69 nylon weatherproof thread, and the 1/2" solid brass General grommets. The awning is even sewn together using a vintage Singer Rocketeer, also known as Slant-o-matic sewing machine, which was once proudly made in the USA. I strive to support my country by using American made goods. Vintage Look Awnings are made in America by a patriotic American. God Bless America! dfoster@bellsouth.net 


Monday, August 15, 2011

McKinney Army Corp of Engineers on Lake Allatoona in Georgia

 The first weekend of  November 2011 a rally is being organized at McKinney Campground in Georgia, on Lake Allatoona. So far the vintage Shastas have reserved most of the sites in loop 87-92 plus 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99,100.  Airstreams have reserved sites 98-104 plus  112. Expanding into loop 105-117 . It is only a month away now, so don't delay, get your reservations made today.

Thursday arrivals: No organized group activities are planned. A suggestion is to visit the Booth Western Museum in Cartersville.
Friday at 6:00 PM a Meet and Greet appetizer social is planned at site 101. Bring a finger food appetizer to share, a camp chair, and a flashlite or lantern. We will be the flashlight brigade to help guide late comers into their campsites in the dark.(Shasta and Airstream groups are both invited)
Saturday at 10:00-11:30 AM will be the combined Tour of Trailers for Shasta and Airstreams. Saturday at 12:00 Noon is the Pot-Luck Lunch at site 86 for the Airstream group. Again, bring a chair and a covered dish to share. Enjoy the afternoon and evening with your family. The Shasta group is having their Pot-Luck around 5:30 PM at a different location.
Sunday Brunch, for the Airstream group, is back at the more centrally located site 101 at 10:00 AM. Check out isn't until 3:00, so come enjoy a shared Brunch before you pack up to head back home.

http://www.stonemountainpark.com/lodging-camping/camping.aspx  Plan ahead for April 27-29, 2012  the Airstream Rally at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. A special package rally price has been negotiated, so call 770-498-5710 and talk to Darlene about making a reservation.

Pull Through site 86 for my 1968 Avion

Loop 93-104

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Measures To Prepare Your Awning for Stormy Weather

The Dog Days Of Summer are upon us, here in Georgia.The stifling, oppressive, heat is almost unbearable. Every afternoon, severe thunderstorms pummel us with hail, drench us with rain, petrify us with cloud to ground lightning, and blast us with 60 mile per hour down bursts or straight line winds. It's a daily routine picking up tree limbs, twigs and branches full of leaves; yet we remain thankful that one,of our many trees, didn't blow over onto our house. As long as the power stays on I keep sewing away, making vintage trailer awnings in the safety of my basement. dfoster@bellsouth.net
Let me share with you, how to prepare your vintage trailer awning for stormy weather. We added medium weight springs and a pulley to each of our tie-down lines. We also Tee-Pee our adjustable height tent poles for rain run off. If you have more than three tent poles, graduate the height of the poles from highest to lowest to achieve rain run off. These few simple measures will  help prepare your vintage trailer awning for those unexpected wind gusts or a full- fledged storm.

Tee-Pee your awning with adjustable height tent poles

Ready for Flight!


Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2011 Fall Inventory Of Fabric For Vintage Trailer Awnings Has Arrived

Pictures of  the new Fall 2011 inventory of Fabric for vintage trailer awnings, while it is still on my truck!
I was able to find some awning fabric with earth tones to coordinate with the vintage trailers from the 70's.
The Coastal Herbal and the entire roll of Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe have already been sold. If you see a pattern that you might like for your vintage trailer's awning, let me know and I will take a picture of it unrolled for you.

Inquire about Spring 2012 patterns because there is limited yardage left as of  June 2012.
Just Arrived 2012 SOLD
Just Arrived 2012

Yes, there is a waiting list, but a PayPal payment reserves your fabric of choice and a place in line for a Fall Vintage Trailer Awning to enjoy.
Boston Taupe sold, Alpine Terracotta Classic sold, Alpine Beige, Forest Green Regimental sold, Lankford Woodland sold, Colonnade Juniper sold, Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe sold, Pacific Blue Natural sold

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Vintage Trailer Awning Am I Working On Today?


Today I am working on a Plum Fancy 15' x 8' vintage trailer awning for an Airstream. I also have four other vintage camper awnings in different stages of production. My dining room has turned into an awning fabric disaster zone. Keep in mind, my actual workshop is in the basement! Now you can actually see why I say, "Do not procrastinate about ordering a vintage RV awning".
 I should know, in a couple of days, some of the new patterns numbers that will be available for custom awning orders.
 It must be disappointing to find out that I have just run out of fabric and that I also have a long waiting list for awning orders, especially when you have just found my Blog. Please check back in a few days.                                           
Thanks for keeping me so busy, Kristi         
 Fall 2011 fabric patterns and pictures are listed below:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It is Time to Purchase More Awning Fabric Already!


Here are the new Sunbrella Marine Grade fabric patterns that  just arrived for Fall 2011 vintage trailer awnings:

4854 Coastal Herbal SOLD
4856 Colonnade Juniper SOLD
4924 Alpine/Terra Cotta Classic  SOLD                                          
4928 Beaufort Alpine/Beige
4945 Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD
4963 Forest Green Regimental SOLD
4971 Lankford Woodland SOLD
Pacific Blue/Natural 60" Wide SOLD
7514 Boston Taupe- Dickson Fabric SOLD
4905 Burgundy Trasitional
5003 Linen/Navy/Lemon Fancy SOLD

Update: In the process of ordering fabric for Spring 2013.

 Each year the abundance of Spring camping rallies scheduled, all across the country, always brings on a frantic rush for vintage trailer awnings. As usual, now that Summer is upon us, I find that another extremely busy awning season has depleted my inventory and reduced the entire fabric selection down to a few patterns with limited yardage. My vintage camper awning fabric selection has dwindled down to the patterns shown above. If you see one that you like, just inquire to see if there is enough fabric left for the size of awning that you need. Thanks again for another wonderful awning season. I will continue to use up the patterns that I have left, to make room for my next bulk order of fabric. Inquire at dfoster@bellsouth.net

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TAC The Airstream Club Rally May 2011

Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia was where TAC members congregated, in area five's picnic pavilion each night at 5:30 PM, for appetizers and socializing. Callaway Gardens was nearby, http://www.callawaygardens.com/gardens/georgia-gardens.aspx , but they were hosting a special water skiing event for the Memorial Day weekend. So most of us found other sources of camping entertainment. Several families did venture out to Wild Animal Safari http://www.animalsafari.com/safari/ for a face licking good time! Some folks hiked the Pine Mountain trails, while others rode their bikes or scooters around the campground. Relaxing with a good book and dabbling in water colors, was what I chose to do. One day I gave a quick,sewing session, lesson, for making vintage trailer awnings. Quite a few campers brought along their pets, so doggie walks led to socializing, picture taking, and tours of trailers. Several evenings, marshmallows were roasted over campfires, and movies were projected on the side of an Airstream. The vintage trailer group, on the bottom of the loop, got together several mornings for breakfast; eating waffles, pancakes, bacon and other deliciously fattening fare! Quite a few children, ages ranging from 4-11, kept us all entertained with their bug and frog catching, chalk drawings, blueberry gathering and their observations of the bats nesting in the rafters of the picnic pavilion. Through word of mouth, chalk messages in the road pointing the way, and the original Rally plan set out on the Forum, we managed to have a great time. Be sure to plan ahead for the Fall TAC Rally in Georgia.

1968 Avion 25'

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shipping A Rope and Pole Trailer Awning

A small to medium sized vintage trailer awning will fit in a medium, flat rate, priority mail, USPS, box. It will ship anywhere in the continental USA for $11.00. It is a tight squeeze, as you can see, but this 8' x 8', rope and pole, awning, is now on it's way.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recapture the Essence of the By-Gone Camping Era

Recapture the essence of the by-gone camping era, by enhancing your vintage trailer's appearance with a  vertical striped, rope and pole camper awning with scalloped valances. Reminisce about the past, as you relax in the UV protected shade, under your era correct, vintage inspired, Sunbrella trailer awning by Kristi.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adorn Your Vintage Trailer In a Custom Designed Vintage Awning

Update: View the Spring 2012 vintage trailer awning fabric selection at https://picasaweb.google.com/102508300905463390757/VintageTrailerAwningFabricForSpring2012#slideshow/5699772433582159858
Plum Fancy Sold 6-14-11 , Blended Green Tailored Bar Stripe sold, Forest green/ Natural Sold, Cordell Redwood Sold , Teal/ Natural Sold 6-14-11 SOLD
Adorn your vintage beauty, in an elaborately designed, custom made, vintage trailer awning, created from my Spring fabric collection. Be prepared to be lavished in compliments, from adoring vintage trailer fans. Turn heads, and gather a crowd of admirers, at your next vintage trailer rally or outing.

 I went fabric shopping and here are the patterns I found for Fall vintage trailer awnings:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Relax, Your Vintage Trailer Awning Issues Have Already Been Addressed

Have you been contemplating the purchase of a new, vintage trailer, awning for your little vintage camper or small canned ham RV?
 Have you been seeking a solution to the height dilemma a vintage trailer awning poses, when attached to your tiny travel trailer?
Have you been experiencing anxiety over awning sag, and desperately deliberating on how to prevent it?
Have you been frustrated, when inclement weather is predicted, and concerned about the ability of a vintage trailer awning to handle rain run-off?
Rest assured that your vintage trailer awning issues have already been addressed and dealt with for you.
So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and just enjoy picking out a beautiful Sunbrella pattern from my new inventory of fabric. dfoster@bellsouth.net     http://www.vintageawning.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Style Rope and Pole Trailer Awning Fabric has Arrived

My 2017 shipment of marine grade awning fabric has arrived. Have you been considering a Rope and Pole awning for your vintage trailer?
Click the link to see the patterns that are available for a custom ordered vintage trailer awning. Link to pictures
Contact me 
 Facebook Page 
Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi
Havelock Brick

Manhattan Fog

Ashford Forest

Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe

Now is the time to pick out your favorite Sattler marine grade awning fabric pattern, from my Spring 2014 inventory, for a new vintage style rope and pole trailer awning.
 Update: View the Spring 2014 vintage trailer awning fabric slideshow https://picasaweb.google.com/102508300905463390757/2014SomeInventoryOfPatternsForVintageTrailerAwningsByKristi#


100% solution dyed acrylic, equally vibrant on both sides of fabric, resistant to rain, stain, tears, mildew, fading, UV protection against harmful rays from the sun, a breathable fabric for comfortable air flow, won't crack along fold lines like vinyl, strong to withstand wind, rain and sun.


 Fall 2011 Patterns have arrived and are listed below.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Trailer Window Awnings New for 2011

I have been experimenting with clip on window awnings for vintage Hehr standard awning windows, and their louvered windows too. The 1966, 1967, and 1968 Airstream frame less Awning Windows, with the 3/16" glass thickness, I am trying this prototype out on also. It will be nice to be able to offer a vintage trailer window awning option, that doesn't require screw in snaps that alter your vintage window frames, or any external hardware that requires screws being placed into your vintage trailer's exterior.
It appears that quite a variety of vintage canned hams and vintage travel trailers, besides vintage Airstream trailers, have crank out louvered windows.
 Custom vintage trailer window awnings will not only give your vintage camper a unique appearance, they also have the potential to cut down on UV rays, sunshine glare, fading, and heat build up during the day plus convert to room darkening shades by night.
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http://www.facebook.com/vintagetrailerawnings (LIKE)
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