Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TAC The Airstream Club Rally May 2011

Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia was where TAC members congregated, in area five's picnic pavilion each night at 5:30 PM, for appetizers and socializing. Callaway Gardens was nearby, http://www.callawaygardens.com/gardens/georgia-gardens.aspx , but they were hosting a special water skiing event for the Memorial Day weekend. So most of us found other sources of camping entertainment. Several families did venture out to Wild Animal Safari http://www.animalsafari.com/safari/ for a face licking good time! Some folks hiked the Pine Mountain trails, while others rode their bikes or scooters around the campground. Relaxing with a good book and dabbling in water colors, was what I chose to do. One day I gave a quick,sewing session, lesson, for making vintage trailer awnings. Quite a few campers brought along their pets, so doggie walks led to socializing, picture taking, and tours of trailers. Several evenings, marshmallows were roasted over campfires, and movies were projected on the side of an Airstream. The vintage trailer group, on the bottom of the loop, got together several mornings for breakfast; eating waffles, pancakes, bacon and other deliciously fattening fare! Quite a few children, ages ranging from 4-11, kept us all entertained with their bug and frog catching, chalk drawings, blueberry gathering and their observations of the bats nesting in the rafters of the picnic pavilion. Through word of mouth, chalk messages in the road pointing the way, and the original Rally plan set out on the Forum, we managed to have a great time. Be sure to plan ahead for the Fall TAC Rally in Georgia.

1968 Avion 25'

1973 Tradewind 25'

1959 Overlander 25'

Safari 25'

2000 Land Yacht 30'

We were welcomed home from our camping trip by our neighbor, who proceeded to tell us that a 100 foot tall Tulip Poplar tree, in the woods behind our house, blew over onto the back fence of a house in the nest subdivision.  http://www.briartech.com/latespring/tulip/ptulip.htm  Oh joy!! State Farm informed us that it is each homeowners own responsibility to clean up their own property. My husband insisted  that we clean up their yard and repair their fence as a good will gesture. So I am out in the tick invested woods, in the poison Ivy being a good citizen! Oh well, now we have plenty of firewood for our next camping adventure. http://www.gastateparks.org/CloudlandCanyon Cloudland Canyon State Park is the site for the Fall TAC Rally scheduled for September 2-5, 2011. Hope to see you there.