Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AAA's RV Plus Emergency Roadside Assistance

We experienced our first major tire blowout, on our 25' dual axle vintage Avion camper, coming home from our camping trip in Cherokee NC. As it occurred, our 4000 pound vintage trailer clanked, quivered, and shook, but never fishtailed out of control.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Connect With Other Vintage Trailer Enthusiasts

You may have seen some of my vintage trailer awnings at your local vintage trailer rally. Perhaps you have seen my rope and pole vintage trailer awnings in my personal photo gallery on the Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers Forum T&TTT. Maybe you have even seen my Vintage Look Awning ad in the specialty items section of the Airstream Forum's classifieds. Now, I have joined the Vintage Trailer Network USA too. Some of you have found my vintage awnings link on TCT. All of these are free organizations that connect vintage trailer enthusiasts with other like minded folks. Join one today!

Click to join Tin_Can_Tourists

Click to join Tin_Can_Tourists

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Trailer Awning with Period Correct Design

First, I purchased a 13-foot vintage camper, a Canned Ham called a Tag-A-Long. This vintage trailer had a 9-foot awning rail, but not a rope and pole awning. In my eBay search for a vintage awning, I was lucky enough to find an original vintage rope and pole awning that was period appropriate and exactly the right size. However, once it arrived, I was disappointed at the tattered, faded condition it was in. The decision was made to copy the design and make myself a replica, using Sunbrella Marine Grade Awning Fabric instead of heavy canvas. I used all technologically advanced weather resistant materials, yet stayed true to the period correct vintage awning design. Vintage Look Awnings originated from this basic plan. 

Update: Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi is the business name that is currently being used to distinguish my awning business from others that  have followed.