Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AAA's RV Plus Emergency Roadside Assistance

We experienced our first major tire blowout, on our 25' dual axle vintage Avion camper, coming home from our camping trip in Cherokee NC. As it occurred, our 4000 pound vintage trailer clanked, quivered, and shook, but never fishtailed out of control.
 Thanks to my husband's extraordinary driving skills, the vintage RV was safely maneuvered over, onto the shoulder of the road. However, our Avion continued to rock and sway, as four lanes of high speed traffic zoomed past us. We were just north of Atlanta on I 985. I did not want my husband to even attempt to change the blown out tire, under these treacherous conditions. It was such a relief knowing we had previously purchased AAA's RV Plus Emergency Roadside Assistance policy. AAA's phone number was listed first in my cell phone, so it was very easy and convenient to contact them. With emergency lights flashing, not one, but two large flat bed tow trucks arrived within thirty minutes. A few minutes later, they had efficiently replaced the blown out tire, with our new spare tire, and then  proceeded to help safely return us back out into the continuous flow of heavy traffic. AAA came promptly to our rescue, and we truly appreciated the quality service, safety and protection they provided for us.