Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Details Differentiate My Custom Vintage Trailer Awnings From The Rest?

There are special detailed features that distinguish my vintage trailer awnings from other rope and pole awnings. The construction, fabric, and other materials used, were all given consideration when creating not only an attractive vintage camper awning, but one that is strong, durable, and able to stand up to the elements of nature.

1.)Facings surround the underside of my custom vintage camper awnings providing a strong, sturdy, structure and reinforcement for the grommets.
2.)Custom made edge binding, made from coordinating marine grade awning fabric that is resistant to mildew and deterioration, finish the scalloped valances on the vintage trailer awnings. Color coordinated Sunbrella 100% acrylic braid trim may also be used on the scalloped valances.
3.)Coordinating #69 Nylon thread is used for strength, visual appeal, and weather resistant durability, when sewing my vintage trailer awnings. The UV protected thread prevents fading and rotting from the deteriorating effects of the sun.
4.)A vintage style pull-cord, made from marine grade 3 strand twisted cord covered in matching marine grade awning fabric, which slides into a vintage 3/8" diameter c-channel awning rail. (Or a vinyl welt)
5.)Custom cut scalloped valances that follow the striped design of the fabric, rather than being cut from a generic pattern.
6.)Brass grommets placed in the mitered corners of the facings, provide thee fabric layers of reinforcement.
7.)46'/47" wide Marine grade awning fabric for strength, because it has a higher thread content than upholstery fabric, is equally vibrant on both sides, resistant to rain, stain, rot, mildew, tears, is breathable for comfortable air flow, provides UV protection and doesn't crack along fold lines like vinyl.
8.)My vintage trailer awnings are designed to  fit the contours of rounded vintage trailers as well as the boxy vintage camper variety.
9.) Quality control, because each vintage trailer awning is personally made by me.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Georgia Shasta Gathering Has Invited Other Vintage Trailers

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October 11-14, 2012  at McKinney Campground is the location of a Shasta gathering. An invitation has been extended out to other brands of vintage trailers as well. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pet Crate Covers by Kristi Will be for Sale at The Next Rally

The Pet Crate Cover is designed to fit the Mid-West Life Stages Double Door Series 1622DD X-small crate. The dimensions of the crate, that the cover will fit, are 22 inches in depth, 13 inches in width, and 16 inches in height.The Pet Crate Cover is made from Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, which is resistant to rain, stain, tears, mildew, fading, and provides protection from UV rays, plus the fabric is breathable allowing for comfortable air flow. The vertical striped fabric and fringe give the Pet Crate Cover a vintage flair. Spot cleaning with a mild detergent, such as Ivory, is recommended. The Pet Crate Cover is not machine washable.
Fits a  22" x 13" x 16" pet crate
Let your pet relax in style, plus beautify your  home, by covering your unattractive metal crate with a colorful Pet Crate Cover by Kristi.

Vertical striped Sunbrella fabric gives it a vintage flair

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Set Up A Vintage Trailer Awning All By Yourself

In our 1968 Avion instruction manual there is a picture of a device for a person to set up a vintage trailer awning all by themself . Today I went to the hardware store and purchased a few items to assemble something similar, to what was shown in the manual. Of course I didn't know the names of the items, but with my silly descriptions the hardware sales associate new exactly what I was describing. When I got home, I decided to try it out on a small  awning to see if it would really work. My husband video taped my first attempt at setting the awning up all by myself and amazingly it worked!

Here are the step by step instructions: