Saturday, November 10, 2012

My New Vintage Trailer Awning

Frequent visitors to my Vintage Awnings blog know that each November is when inventory and sewing machine maintenance is completed. I  also take the time to reclaim my dining room for the holidays, because every available surface has been buried in marine grade awning fabric for months on end! This year, I finally decided to make myself a new vintage trailer awning, from some leftover inventory of Dickson awning material. A matching Rock Guard awning is also in the works. As I  prepare my home for a Thanksgiving Day celebration, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for another extremely busy vintage trailer awning making season. Happy Thanksgiving!

My New Vintage Trailer Awning

Vintage Trailer Awning

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Sisters on the Fly" and other Vintage Trailers Viewed While Camping at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia Fall 2012

We had the pleasure of viewing and photographing many unique and vintage trailers, while camping at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. The "Sisters on the Fly" were attending a Rally there and filled up a loop or two. We found some "Sisters on the Try" in another area of the campground, who had come along too.  Scattered through out the campground we also spotted some other vintage  trailers of interest. Click the link to view the pictures of the rest of the vintage camping trailers.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Details Differentiate My Custom Vintage Trailer Awnings From The Rest?

There are special detailed features that distinguish my vintage trailer awnings from other rope and pole awnings. The construction, fabric, and other materials used, were all given consideration when creating not only an attractive vintage camper awning, but one that is strong, durable, and able to stand up to the elements of nature.

1.)Facings surround the underside of my custom vintage camper awnings providing a strong, sturdy, structure and reinforcement for the grommets.
2.)Custom made edge binding, made from coordinating marine grade awning fabric that is resistant to mildew and deterioration, finish the scalloped valances on the vintage trailer awnings. Color coordinated Sunbrella 100% acrylic braid trim may also be used on the scalloped valances.
3.)Coordinating #69 Nylon thread is used for strength, visual appeal, and weather resistant durability, when sewing my vintage trailer awnings. The UV protected thread prevents fading and rotting from the deteriorating effects of the sun.
4.)A vintage style pull-cord, made from marine grade 3 strand twisted cord covered in matching marine grade awning fabric, which slides into a vintage 3/8" diameter c-channel awning rail. (Or a vinyl welt)
5.)Custom cut scalloped valances that follow the striped design of the fabric, rather than being cut from a generic pattern.
6.)Brass grommets placed in the mitered corners of the facings, provide thee fabric layers of reinforcement.
7.)46'/47" wide Marine grade awning fabric for strength, because it has a higher thread content than upholstery fabric, is equally vibrant on both sides, resistant to rain, stain, rot, mildew, tears, is breathable for comfortable air flow, provides UV protection and doesn't crack along fold lines like vinyl.
8.)My vintage trailer awnings are designed to  fit the contours of rounded vintage trailers as well as the boxy vintage camper variety.
9.) Quality control, because each vintage trailer awning is personally made by me.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Georgia Shasta Gathering Has Invited Other Vintage Trailers

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October 11-14, 2012  at McKinney Campground is the location of a Shasta gathering. An invitation has been extended out to other brands of vintage trailers as well. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pet Crate Covers by Kristi Will be for Sale at The Next Rally

The Pet Crate Cover is designed to fit the Mid-West Life Stages Double Door Series 1622DD X-small crate. The dimensions of the crate, that the cover will fit, are 22 inches in depth, 13 inches in width, and 16 inches in height.The Pet Crate Cover is made from Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, which is resistant to rain, stain, tears, mildew, fading, and provides protection from UV rays, plus the fabric is breathable allowing for comfortable air flow. The vertical striped fabric and fringe give the Pet Crate Cover a vintage flair. Spot cleaning with a mild detergent, such as Ivory, is recommended. The Pet Crate Cover is not machine washable.
Fits a  22" x 13" x 16" pet crate
Let your pet relax in style, plus beautify your  home, by covering your unattractive metal crate with a colorful Pet Crate Cover by Kristi.

Vertical striped Sunbrella fabric gives it a vintage flair

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Set Up A Vintage Trailer Awning All By Yourself

In our 1968 Avion instruction manual there is a picture of a device for a person to set up a vintage trailer awning all by themself . Today I went to the hardware store and purchased a few items to assemble something similar, to what was shown in the manual. Of course I didn't know the names of the items, but with my silly descriptions the hardware sales associate new exactly what I was describing. When I got home, I decided to try it out on a small  awning to see if it would really work. My husband video taped my first attempt at setting the awning up all by myself and amazingly it worked!

Here are the step by step instructions: 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Today I Designed and Created A Pet Crate Cover

Today I decided to be creative and designed a pet crate cover. I used some marine grade Sunbrella fabric that I had left over from a vintage trailer awning project. Now I know what to make with my fabric remnants that aren't big enough for  rope and pole awnings.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scalloped Valances on Vintage Trailer Awnings

The scalloped valances, on some vintage trailer awnings I have seen, appear to be cut out randomly rather than following the design and pattern repeat of the stripes in the fabric. Over the years, I have saved some of the custom cut patterns used when designing the scalloped edge of my awning valances. When customers request a fabric sample, sometimes I  will send an example of what the scalloped valance edge will look like on their specific fabric choice. The valances on an awning create an important visual aspect,  representative of the entire vintage trailer awning's appearance, so special attention is given when cutting out the scallops to compliment the design of the fabric. I pay particular attention to this important detail for the most appealing outcome.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

How To Make Your Awning Taut-Tauter-Tautest !

Several Factors Contribute To How Taut Your Vintage Trailer Awning Is:

1.) Manipulating the height of adjustable height tent pole until the awning is tight and level
2.) Tie -down lines that angle off of the corner poles, instead of pulling straight forward
3.) Springs attached to the tie-down lines for extra tension
4.) Sturdy steel tent stakes that can withstand the force
5.) Tie-down line tension adjusters
6.) Setting the tent poles up straight and in line with the sides of the awning

7.) Placing an appropriately sized awning on the most level section of the awning rail, and not having it follow the downward curvatures on the ends of the rail

                     Taut-Tauter-Tautest !

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Texsport Tent Poles Put to the Ultimate Test

The first time camping, using our new Texsport adjustable height tent poles, we experienced an unexpected storm. The tent poles were really put to the ultimate test! No sooner than our awning was set up, out of the clear blue sky, a threatening black cloud came rolling in. It was 96 degrees, and a violent storm erupted on the top of the mountain where we were camping, with wind, heavy rain, thunder, lightening, and rain runoff streaming through our campsite. The rain poured down, then belted in sideways, the wind flapped the awning to the point where I thought it would jump off of the poles. The poles held firm, they didn't even slip in the stream that had developed at their bases, they didn't bend under the weight of the rain water that couldn't waterfall off of the awning fast enough, the wildly flapping awning didn't even affect their performance. I was impressed and terrified at the same time! This mid-summer storm tormented the campground for at least 30 minutes, until it vanished.

When it came time to break up camp and return home, I realized that each tent pole was totally filled with water. So here are some tips for caring for your poles. I drained the water out of each pole, then I removed the telescoping sections and dried them thoroughly, before reassembling; each section was sprayed withWD40. Before reusing scrub down with steel wool or else they will be to slippery too lock in place. Sometimes we paint them with aluminum colored paint and this helps the locking mechanism grip better.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric That Just Arrived

2018 Update:
This is a very old post, which keeps coming up in searches and inquired about. Sattler aquired Outdura quite a few years ago. I no longer have these patterns. I have 46" Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric to select from in my 2018 inventory of patterns. Classic vertical stripes is marine grade awning fabric, not flowers and Polka-Dots which is 54" outdoor furniture upholstery fabric. 

I just purchased a roll of Outdura 47" inch wide, 100% acrylic, marine grade, awning fabric, in a yellow and white striped pattern. It is called Big Sur Sunny. The matching thread is medium yellow. My Spring 2012 vintage trailer awning fabric inventory is nearly sold out, so I will be supplimenting it with some new patterns. Pictures of the new 100% acrylic, marine grade, awning fabric, patterns will be posted as they arrive. Blue and White striped , 60" wide vintage trailer, awning fabric will be arriving soon.SOLD OUT Check back regularly to see what is available for a custom ordered, rope and pole awning, for your vintage camper.

Update: Spring 2013 Marine Grade Awning Fabric will be arriving in the middle of January. Check for the post with pictures of the new rolls of awning fabric when they arrive.

Big Sur Checkerboard 9610
New Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric for Fall 2012

Outdura 60" Big Sur Boathouse 9615 Marine Grade Awning Fabric SOLD OUT

Outdura 47" Big Sur Sunny 9714 Marine Grade Awning Fabric

Visit the Outdura website for answers to frequently asked questions about Outdura marine grade awning fabric.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Custom Ordered Fabric Rock Guard Awning for a Vintage Trailer

I just finished a Rock Guard Awning for a vintage travel trailer, similar to my Avion. Now I want one for my own trailer!

If I can ever find some time, I will be making a new vintage camper awning for myself, with a matching rock guard awning.

Professional Picture of a Travelux Trailer with a VintageTrailer Awning and a Rock Guard Awning made by Kristi

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Airstream Club Rally at Stone Mountain Park April 2012

I took some time off, from making vintage trailer awnings, to enjoy a long weekend at The Airstream Club Rally. The trailers followed around the purple loop, enclosing a grassy play area which had a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, playground equipment, a swimming pool and a fantastic pavilion for all of the social gatherings. With Internet access available and our laptop with us, I was tempted to answer e-mails concerning vintage trailer awning related questions. I resisted the technology, but did happily answer Rally participant's awning questions in person. I had some business cards set out, for people who visited our trailer during the "Tour of Trailers", and word spread quickly that The Awning Lady was at the Stone Mountain Campground. So, I combined business with pleasure and still had a wonderful time.We already picked out our site and made reservations for next April's TAC Rally, which is April 18th-21st, 2013.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Confirmed My continuous quest for finding marine grade awning fabric, culminated in a large bulk order from a warehouse. Sight unseen, I took a chance on the awning fabric. The rolls of marine grade fabric were unwrapped and unmarked, so I didn't even have pattern numbers or a brand name to go by. Yesterday, tucked away in one of the cardboard tubes, I finally found a tag which confirmed my suspicions that it was Dickson Fabric from France. I diligently went about finding all of the discontinued pattern numbers and posted them on my pictures. The mystery has been solved! Sunbrella and Dickson brands are both owned and operated by the parent company Glen Raven. Dickson is the European brand of Sunbrella.
8287,8607, 8608, 8613, 8614, 8619, 8602, 8290

 Dickson Orchestra and Symphony Collections

Dickson 8602 Ivoire & Absinthe

Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Has Been Ordered for Custom Awning Orders

Update: The 2014 shipment of marine grade awning fabric is Sattler 47" wide fabric that is equally vibrant on both sides.
Pictures are posted in the right hand column of my blog for viewing.
The vintage trailer awning fabric has arrived and the colors are even nicer than I had anticipated! I am in the process of taking my own pictures, of the fabric rolls.  Spools of matching thread have been placed next to each pattern as a color reference. The marine grade Dickson fabric is 47 inches wide, 100% acrylic,  and equally vibrant on both sides.

Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Pattern Numbers from left to right:
8287, 8607, 8608, 8613, 8614, 8619 SOLD OUT
Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Numbers from front to back:
8290, 8602, 8619, 8614,8613, 8608, 8287 SOLD OUT

Dickson Marine Grade Awning Fabric Pattern Numbers from left to right: 8608, 8613, 8614,8619, 8602, 8290 SOLD OUT

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here We Go Again-Vintage Trailer Awnings Everywhere!

As promised, I have been using up my existing Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric inventory and preparing room for my next shipment of awning fabric for Spring. I did purchase one roll recently, for those of you who keep asking for a blue and yellow pattern for a vintage trailer awning. The temperature here in Georgia has remained moderate, allowing me to continue  sewing vintage trailer awnings in my basement workshop. This past Fall, I concentrated on "Earthy "colors for awnings, so I decided to brighten the Spring selection  up a bit. I will post the new patterns as they arrive. Expect to see shades of yellow from pale to bright, and  shades of  green from lime to light!

Sunbrella 5003 Linen Navy Lemon Fancy