Friday, August 31, 2012

Today I Designed and Created A Pet Crate Cover

Today I decided to be creative and designed a pet crate cover. I used some marine grade Sunbrella fabric that I had left over from a vintage trailer awning project. Now I know what to make with my fabric remnants that aren't big enough for  rope and pole awnings.

Click link to see the slideshow about the Pet Crate Cover
Pet Crate Cover made from Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric. The fabric is resistant to rain, stain, tears, mildew, and rot, yet provides protection from  UV rays and is breathable for comfortable air flow. I am in the process of making a variety of Pet Cage Covers to take to the next Vintage Trailer Rally for the table sale.
Sunbrella Marine Grade Awning fabric with heavy bullion fringe on door flaps
Give your pampered pet a cozy retreat

Roll Up or Flap Back the fringed door flaps