Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Set Up A Vintage Trailer Awning All By Yourself

In our 1968 Avion instruction manual there is a picture of a device for a person to set up a vintage trailer awning all by themself . Today I went to the hardware store and purchased a few items to assemble something similar, to what was shown in the manual. Of course I didn't know the names of the items, but with my silly descriptions the hardware sales associate new exactly what I was describing. When I got home, I decided to try it out on a small  awning to see if it would really work. My husband video taped my first attempt at setting the awning up all by myself and amazingly it worked!

Here are the step by step instructions: 

 How to Set A Vintage Trailer Awning Up All By Yourself

Slide the device into the awning rail channel

Push a cord into the pulley

Tie the pulley cord to the leading edge of the awning pull cord

 Move the step ladder to the other end of the awning rail. Bring along with you; the awning with the attached  pulley cord, plus the other end of the cord to pull on. Guide the lead edge of the awning into the c-channel and pull the cord with your other hand. Continue lifting, and guiding the awning into the rail while pulling on the cord.  Check out my new small business page