Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Install An Awning Rail On Your Vintage Travel Trailer

      How To Install A C-Channel Awning Rail On Your Vintage Trailer
1) Clean off and dry, the area where the awning rail will be placed.
2) Measure and mark, equal distances on the awning rail, for screw hole placement. For example, on a 5' rail, the screw holes were placed 9  3/4" apart.
3)Decide what size of 1" screws you will be using to attach the rail and then pick the drill bit accordingly.
4) Choose screws that will not rust out in the weather.
5) Rest your awning rail over the seats of several chairs. You will need someone to help hold the rail steady on both sides of the area to be drilled. Center the mark to be drilled between the seats of the chairs. Start and stop the drill, just to get an indent for the drill bit to hold steady. Now you should feel confident to proceed.
6)Once all of the holes are drilled, place a strip of putty tape on the back side of the awning rail.
7)Place the awning on the trailer. Starting with the outside screw holes first, drill one hole at a time into the trailer then twist in the screw. Proceed to the other end of the rail and repeat. Next, I would  make the centermost hole and place the screw. Continue on until the entire rail is screwed in place.
8)Make a bead along the top of the awning rail with 100% silicone rubber sealant. Be sure to select the clear, outdoor variety. Using a protective glove, run your finger along the bead to flatten it out along the rail. This will give a watertight, flexible seal.
9)Spray a dry lubricant, such as Blaster, into the c-channel.
10) Leave the rail to dry overnight before installing the awning.

Cleaning supplies and paper towels
Awning rail with a 3/8" diameter c-channel
Power drill
drill bit
1" weatherproof screws
Phillips or flathead screw driver
Clear silicone outdoor rubber sealant
Putty tape, length and width of flange on awning rail
Fine point magic marker
Measuring tape
Chairs or sawhorses
Blaster dry lube
A friend to help

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying Out My Vintage Trailer Front Window Awning Framework Today

Yesterday, I installed a 5' white awning rail above the front window on my Tag-A-Long camping trailer. The  awning rail has a 3/8" diameter c-channel, which is the correct diameter for the vinyl welt or fabric covered marine grade cord, that comes on my vintage trailer awnings. So, I let the clear adhesive, on the top edge of the awning rail, dry for a day before trying out my window awning. There is a pretty brisk breeze today, and I wanted to see what the window awning would do, on the new framework that I created. Everything seems to be working fine and it has been on the trailer for about four hours now. The Sunbrella window awning is 5'4", which is as wide as I would put on a 5' rail. I was only able to purchase the rail in 60" sections. My experiment seems to be a success.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

As usual for this time of year, there is a waiting line, for custom vintage trailer awning orders. I know this information is disappointing for new customers to discover. It seems like everyone is trying to have a vintage trailer awning made in time for an upcoming Spring rally. Let me remind you, that I have a very small, home based business, with one employee which is me. There is not a warehouse, a factory, an assembly line, or illegals in a sweatshop; it's just me sewing a handmade camper awning especially for you. I am presently working on the 30th awning order for 2015. If you do not have a deadline for an awning, I am still taking custom awning orders. Payment reserves the fabric of choice, from my inventory, and the next place in line for a vintage trailer awning. This link will show you the 2015 patterns, that I am still unloading. Inquire at with your awning rail length, because there are other patterns available for small awnings.

PayPal, a personal check, or a postal money order are all acceptable forms of payment. I am getting excited about attending several springtime rallies also, and looking forward to using the new rock guard awning that matches the vintage trailer awning, that I made for myself last Fall.