Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying Out My Vintage Trailer Front Window Awning Framework Today

Yesterday, I installed a 5' white awning rail above the front window on my Tag-A-Long camping trailer. The  awning rail has a 3/8" diameter c-channel, which is the correct diameter for the vinyl welt or fabric covered marine grade cord, that comes on my vintage trailer awnings. So, I let the clear adhesive, on the top edge of the awning rail, dry for a day before trying out my window awning. There is a pretty brisk breeze today, and I wanted to see what the window awning would do, on the new framework that I created. Everything seems to be working fine and it has been on the trailer for about four hours now. The Sunbrella window awning is 5'4", which is as wide as I would put on a 5' rail. I was only able to purchase the rail in 60" sections. My experiment seems to be a success.