Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Inventory For 2018 Awning Orders

I am in the process of finalizing my Sunbrella patterns for 2018 awning orders. My bulk order of marine grade Sunbrella awning fabric will be arriving in December 2017. Here are a few patterns that I am waiting on:  #awningfabric

Link to patterns 

The link on the right hand side of my Blog's home page will show a more up to date version of available patterns, and others that I am still trying to confirm.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Gathering Of The Times Pictures.

Pictures     Click Pictures link to see photos from The Gathering Of The Times Rally in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
Here is a little preview.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How To Repair A Damaged Vintage Trailer Awning

I originally made this Sunbrella Coastal Spa 15' awning for my nephew and his wife. I had informed  them to repair the awning rail on their vintage trailer, before using the new awning. However, the young couple forgot to. Needless to say, damage was incurred during their very first time out camping. Other campers, trying to help the "Newbies" set up, forced the awning through a dented, dinged up awning rail, with rough edges. So, let me use this as a reminder, to always clean out your awning rail, and check for any damage each year before going camping. 

Their trailer was beyond their skill level to repair, so it was sold within the first year. I told them I would repair their awning and see if anyone else wanted it
Another young family purchased the repaired awning, and used it extensively for 6 more years, before a severe storm took it's toll on it.
Since it was Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, I agreed to make repairs again, knowing it had many more years of use ahead.
It was tedious removing so many stitches, but I was able to free up the fabric covered pull cord, to replace the damaged, previously repaired section again. The pull cord also was starting to fray, so I wrapped each strands with double sided Sunbrella seam tape. I am waiting on washable fabric glue to arrive, to re-twist the rest of the cord.

Repaired section of fabric covered pull cord needs replacing again after 6 years

A weakened area, from the original dented awning rail, has frayed and needs repair after 6 years

Damaged section of fabric was replaced over the pull cord

Double sided awning seam tape was inserted into the torn area, then the frayed ends tucked into the tape and down into the  cord with the tip of a seam ripper. Fray Check then was layered over the repair.

I had a scrap of fabric stored away in a dresser drawer for 7  years. As you can see the awning hasn't faded over the years, even with extensive use.

Before I replaced the popped grommets, I tucked some interfacing into the hole, reshaped the hole and placed  new grommets.

Here again you can see the fabric scrap next to the 7 year old awning. Also, see the repaired fabric covered pull cord.

Replaced a section of the fabric on the end of the pull cord.
Popped two grommets during a severe storm.
Next I inserted both repaired ends of the fabric covered pull cord into my c-channel awning rail, to be sure they would slide through past the repairs. Thankfully, they did!

Repaired fabric covered pull cord slides into the c-channel awning rail, past the new section.

The awning is upside-down in this picture, because I am just testing the repaired section of the fabric covered pull cord to be sure it will still slide into the c-channel awning rail past the repair.
This repair was not for the faint of heart, so to speak!  An awning with "wounds" needing surgery, after many years of continuous use, in all types of weather. Many stitches were removed to access the areas, many more stitches were needed to replace and repair all of the damage. Weak, frayed, areas were reinforced with Sunbrella seam tape and Fray Check. Popped grommets were replaced after reinforcing with interfacing and re-contouring the holes. I hope this information is useful, as a reminder to always repair your awning rails, and clean them out each year before setting up your awning. Dings and dents will happen, while pulling into campsites, or even while stored when branches fall.  This particular awning had been repaired once 6 years ago, so I am hoping it will provide at least 6 more years for this family to enjoy, on their many travels across the great USA.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Expecting a Small Shipment Of Marine Grade Awning Fabric For Fall 2017

I will be supplementing my Sunbrella Inventory of patterns with a small shipment, to finish off the 2017 awning making season. Some patterns have limited yardage, because I just don't have room to store large quantities of fabric at this time. Be sure to inquire with the most level section of your c-channel awning rail, so I will know which patterns have a sufficient amount for that size of awning.
Contact Me: 

Burgundy Black White

Saxon Chili

Baycrest Sky

Forest Green Beige Natural

Manhattan Classic

Kiawah Spa

Colonnade redwood

Forest Green Fancy Stripe

Henna Fern

4768 Preston Stone

4878 Rodanthe Sunrise
4891 Manhattan Dune
                                     Motive Denim 4895
I have a Ready Made Awning 10' x 8' Available for Sale SOLD
4949 Forest Vintage Bar Stripe

4994 Eastridge Cocoa

4946 Black Taupe Fancy Stripe
          Here are other patterns that are still available too:
Clinton Granite

Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe

Manhattan Fog 10' x 8' available for sale
Forest Green/Natural

Westfield Mushroom

5907 Taupe 5 Bar

Navy/Taupe Fancy Stripe

Black Forest Fancy Stripe

Brass Black Cherry
Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe

Heather Beige Classic

Putty Regimental

Cooper Black

4740 Beaufort Ember

Colonnade Current

Manteo Cardinal

Hatteras Raven