Friday, June 30, 2017

While I Am Away Instructions

 Update: Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi is up and running again. Heading into August there is already a wait line, and at this point the turn around time is into Fall.

Family comes first, so I will be heading to Tampa tomorrow to care for my daughter and my one year old grand-daughter for three weeks. My daughter is having shoulder surgery, and will be unable to lift the baby into or out of the crib, highchair, playpen, or car-seat. So grandma is coming to the rescue!

I have been going through my inventory this past week, so I have a pretty good idea of how much yardage I have in certain patterns.
Since I will be trying to answer questions from an I-Phone, here are some basic instructions.
1) Know the name of the Sunbrella pattern that you are inquiring about. Or attach a picture of it to the email or Facebook private message. Select patterns from my inventory of Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric.
2) Know the measurement of the most level section of your c-channel awning rail and make sure the opening on the end of the rail has a 3/8" diameter.
3) Let me know if it is a traditional flat awning or an arched awning that you are inquiring about, or a VW Westfalia Awning.
4) A zip-code is helpful in figuring out the shipping and insurance.
5)Attaching a picture of your trailer's color scheme and awning rail is also helpful. Especially if you aren't sure where to measure or need help deciding on a fabric pattern to coordinate.
6) While I am away, a PayPal deposit of $100.00 will reserve the fabric pattern, or inventory awning, plus the next place in line upon my return. The date and time of deposit will determine the wait line order.

I will answer questions by email, or Facebook private message as time allows. 
Your help will be appreciated. My answers need to be short and to the point.  Thank You, Kristi
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Facebook Page 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2017 Inventory Is In Progress

I have been gradually making progress going through some of my fabric inventory, to see which patterns I will be turning into Inventory Awnings. Here is the run-down so far:
PayPal fees are based on awning price. Expect $10.00 -$15.00 extra to cover fees.
Ready to mail 8' x 8' Dickson Beverly a 100% acrylic marine grade awning fabric. PayPal and USA only
$225.00 plus $18.00 S/I in USA.
 Preston Stone 7 1/2' x 8' with pockets for shock poles and center tie strap for shock poles. Shock poles sold separately or make your own. (SOLD WITH SHOCK POLES)
$250.00 plus $18.00 S/I in USA.

      Grey/Beige/Chip Fancy is almost completed. It can either be for a VW Westfalia or a vintage trailer 71/2' x 8' arched awning with pockets for shock poles.
$250.00 plus $18.00 S/I in USA shock poles sold separately or make your own.

 Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe Awning 8' x 8' is completed and ready to mail.
$225.00 plus $18.00 S/I in USA

                    Eastland Redwood 10' x 8'
                  Yellow/White 6 Bar 7 1/2' X 7 1/2' (SOLD)
Arched Awning SOLD Add
                                Baycrest Sky 12' x 8'
                    Colonnade Current 8' x 8' or 10' x 8'
                          Manhattan Classic 10' x 8'
                             Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe 10' x 8' SOLD
                        Black Taupe/Fancy Stripe 8' x 8', 10' x 8'
                          Preston Stone 7 1/2' x 8' is ready.
Has pockets for shock poles to arch it upward for extra height underneath and incline for rain run-off. SOLD
Arched awning with pockets for shock poles
                                              Rodanthe Sunrise
                                     Captain Navy Natural Classic
                                                 Brass Black Cherry

I will continue to update this as I measure remaining fabric and decide what size awning can be make from the leftover yardage.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Y U Buggin Pictures from Atlanta Motor Speedway 2017

The 10th Y U Buggin was being held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this past weekend. Since it is only about 15 minutes south from my house, we went down to see what was happening at the Volkswagen event there. We drove through heavy downpours on the way. It was later in the afternoon, so I am sure many V Dubs had already headed home, especially with rain in the forecast. However, activities were still playing out in the covered parking area. Since I am now making V W Arched Awnings for the Volkswagen Westfalia Bus, I thought I would visit, to see if I might like to be a vendor for next year's event. Enjoy the V W Bug and Westfalia pictures from Y U Buggin 2017 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.
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Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Westfalia Bus Arched Awnings VW Images

Although I don't generally advertise it, Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi makes awnings for the VW Bus (Westfalia) .
I make them with shock poles for extra height underneath and incline for rain run-off.
Pictured are a few,  that I was checking the shock pole lengths and adjusting as necessary. 
The size is typically 7 1/2' x 7 1/2' or 7 1/2' extending out 8'.
They attach to the rain gutter on the VW. or Private Message me at

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Adjustable Height Tent Poles

Represented are a variety 
of different types
 of tent poles.
There are many different
qualities, and prices.
Many are available 
with free shipping at Amazon,
 if you purchase 
more than $35.00, 
or you have Prime. 

 Some poles are steel 
and require maintenance
 to prevent surface rust, 
while others are aluminum

 There are different diameters
 of tent poles, 
different locking mechanisms, 
different metals, 
and heights.
So be sure to evaluate
 your needs, 
when purchasing
 adjustable height tent poles.

 Coleman Steel Replacement Pole

Eureka Aluminum Adjustable Height Tent Pole
10" Coleman Steel Tent Pegs/ Tent Stakes  

Stansport Aluminum Telescoping Pin Lock Pole
Texsport Adjustable Tent Pole

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Video Of An Arched Awning In The Wind

I had an opportunity to see how an arched awning handles the wind. In the video, you can see the trees swaying in the wind, the flag and the awning valances flapping, and hear the wind blow. 



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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Video Of Sliding The Awning Welt Through The Awning Rail

To set up a vintage trailer awning quickly, have your  tent poles extended, tie-down lines unrolled, tent stakes and a hammer ready. Place everything in position on the ground about 8' out from the trailer. If setting up an arched awning, connect the shock pole sections and place them about three feet out from the trailer. Place the ladder at the far right of the trailer where the awning rail ends.
 Now you are ready to slide the awning welt into the c-channel awning rail.

Steps for setting up an arched awning alone :
1) Have adjustable height tent poles extended out on the ground in approximate location, with tip end about 8' out from trailer.
2)Have the tie-down lines, and tent stakes also in approximate position on the ground with a hammer ready.
3)Have your step ladder set up on the right end of the awning rail.
4)Get the shock poles put together and place them about three feet in front of the trailer.
5)Hold the weight of the awning in your left arm, with your right hand guide the awning welt along the c-channel awning rail. It takes both hands lifting and guiding and moving it along, from the ladder in one position.
6)With your left hand lift the weight and help pull the fabric along, as you slide the welt with the right hand.You may need to lift the fabric to keep the welt high enough to go into the awning rail. There are movies on my Blog and Facebook page.
7)Move the ladder out of the way.
8)Insert the tent pole tip into the right side grommet,keeping the pole tilted so you can slip the loop of the tie-down line over it. Straighten the pole and then go hammer in that one tie-down line. You do not need two lines on one pole. It will neutralize the tension.
9)With an arched awning, the tension to make it taut is from the shock poles, not the tie -down lines.
10)Now repeat process with other tent pole, tie-down line and tent stake. Repeat, you do not want them really tight.
11)This is how I set it up alone. Ready?
a)From the ground, insert the fatter end of the shock pole ( if one end has a metal connector)into the corner closest to the trailer. Make sure it goes in at an angle to the bottom.
b) At the opposite tent pole, tip the tent pole with your left hand, while using your right hand to inset the other end of the shock pole into the pocket. (This will be the narrowest end of the shock pole going in at an angle to the bottom of the pocket next to the grommet)
c)The shock pole will be drooping downward at this point. Re-straighten the tent pole.
d)Repeat process on other side.
e)Now move the ladder under the center of the awning.
f) Gently swing one shock pole up into the arched position over the tie. Secure lightly.
g) Gently swing other shock pole up into position crossing the first one. Tie poles together with strap.
h) You can try to adjust the poles some from the ladder, but I found it was much safer and easier to tap them with a broom handle from the ground.
i) There is a sweet spot, when they are arched just right. Once you have done it and can see the difference, you will know what to look for the next time.
j) The tie -down lines are to keep the wind from catching the awning. The awning will stand up by itself without tie-down lines. if there are two of you to set it up, I have some different instructions.
See if this helps.

Link to video


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sunbrella Marine Grade Awning Fabric Is On It's Way

My 2017 bulk order of marine grade awning fabric is on a pallet and ready to be shipped out today. Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi is excited to have some patterns that will be new to my inventory. I also am replenishing some of the Sunbrella patterns that I am getting low on. Pictured are a few of the new Sunbrella patterns that will be arriving. I will also provide a link to all of the patterns which will be available soon. As always, I will need to purchase coordinating thread and edge binding, for the awning fabric, once I see it in person.  Typical for this time of year, there is a waiting line for custom vintage trailer awnings. However, I did make some inventory awnings this winter, that are still available. 32 patterns of marine grade awning fabric in all, so this is just a glimpse !                     Contact 

Fabric Patterns 2017   Click Link to see patterns.

Manteo Cardinal

Tillman Shale SOLD

Beaufort Ember

Colonnade Current
Manhattan Dune
Preston Stone
Beaufort Chili
Beaufort Azure
Havelock Brick