Friday, January 22, 2016

The 2016 Awning Making Season Begins!

Although most of the country is dealing with either snow, ice, blizzards, torrential rain or tornadoes, it is still the start of the 2016 awning making season for Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi.
Even here in Georgia, we are having heavy rain, expected to turn to ice, then covered with snow by this evening. Dangerous driving conditions for sure.
 I may be wearing a winter coat to work in my basement workshop, and have a space heater by my sewing machine, but the awning orders are already coming in.

Stay home, stay warm, stay safe and think Spring!
Pictures of custom awnings made in January 2016.
Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi
Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi
Vintage Trailer awnings by Kristi

Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ready To Mail Vintage Trailer Awnings For Sale 2016

Besides the 10' x 8' awnings that I just posted, I also have some smaller awnings ready to go. These are for a vintage trailer with a level awning rail measurement of at least 7 1/2'.
Also make sure the circular opening  on the end of the c-channel awning rail has a 3/8" diameter.
Forest green Natural 6 Bar
7 1/2' x 8' SOLD 

Fern Classic SOLD

Buttercup Yellow SOLD
Sunbrella Saxon Chili SOLD
7' awning rail
Used remnants of remaining awning fabric, Braid trim, and Red Fringe
Vinyl welt slides into a 3/8" diameter c-channel awning rail

This pattern design is repeated on the sides. Used remaining remnants of fabric for this little awning.

2016 Vintage Trailer Awnings For Sale 10' x 8'

The unusually warm temperatures, in Georgia this winter, have allowed me to continue making inventory awnings. Ordinarily, it is too cold in my basement workshop to do so. If you are looking for a 10' x 8' awning, I have several patterns to select from. Boxed and ready to mail for those upcoming vintage trailer rallies.

                            Sunbrella Ashford Forest 10' x 8' SOLD

Forest Green Natural 6 Bar SOLD
Sunbrella Marine  Grade 4806
10' x 8' 

Fern Classic 10' x 8' SOLD
Sunbrella Marine Grade 4955 
Clinton Granite
Sunbrella Marine Grade 4888

Yellow/White 6 Bar (cream)
Sunbrella Marine Grade 5702

Aspen Antique Beige With Fringe SOLD
Sunbrella Marine Grade