Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ready To Mail Vintage Trailer Awnings For Sale 2016

Besides the 10' x 8' awnings that I just posted, I also have some smaller awnings ready to go. These are for a vintage trailer with a level awning rail measurement of at least 7 1/2'.
Also make sure the circular opening  on the end of the c-channel awning rail has a 3/8" diameter.
Forest green Natural 6 Bar
7 1/2' x 8' SOLD 

Fern Classic SOLD

Buttercup Yellow SOLD
Sunbrella Saxon Chili SOLD
7' awning rail
Used remnants of remaining awning fabric, Braid trim, and Red Fringe
Vinyl welt slides into a 3/8" diameter c-channel awning rail

This pattern design is repeated on the sides. Used remaining remnants of fabric for this little awning.