Saturday, August 18, 2012

How To Make Your Awning Taut-Tauter-Tautest !

Several Factors Contribute To How Taut Your Vintage Trailer Awning Is:

1.) Manipulating the height of adjustable height tent pole until the awning is tight and level
2.) Tie -down lines that angle off of the corner poles, instead of pulling straight forward
3.) Springs attached to the tie-down lines for extra tension
4.) Sturdy steel tent stakes that can withstand the force
5.) Tie-down line tension adjusters
6.) Setting the tent poles up straight and in line with the sides of the awning

7.) Placing an appropriately sized awning on the most level section of the awning rail, and not having it follow the downward curvatures on the ends of the rail

                     Taut-Tauter-Tautest !

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