Sunday, June 9, 2013

Protect your Vintage Trailer Awning Fringe From Fading

I have been extremely busy making vintage trailer awnings. I really haven't had much of a chance to update my Blog. The waiting list for an awning is now down from seven to four. I have been averaging two awnings a week, working non stop! My new fabric that arrived early in May, has been very popular. Frequent requests for fringe to be added to the awning valance have been coming in. So, I finally purchased a few colors of fringe to try out. I have been hesitant to add fringe, due to my concerns about the fringe fading, bleeding, and deteriorating, do to sun and rain exposure. However, I discovered that there is a UV protectant spray for fabrics that also contains a water repellant. So for those of you who decide on vintage trailer awning fringe, I would protect your investment with this  simple precaution. Attached is a picture of  one example, but there are many to chose from.