Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Small Window Awning Conception To Completion

Although I have already been making large front window awnings with detachable frameworks, the time had come to invent a smaller version for those cute little vintage trailer windows.
Small vintage trailer window awning with removable framework

Large front window awning with removable framework

Yes, I have also been making window awnings for the Airstream type of awning window, which some other brands of vintage trailers have too.
Airstream awning window with detachable window awning

In February 2016 I conceived the idea, ordered the necessary supplies, and proceeded by trial and error to develop a removable small window awning and framework. It needed to be light weight, easy to set up and take down, and most importantly require no drilling into our precious vintage trailers!

Using a vintage Avion's window frame for inspiration, and other similar vintage trailer window frames, the process began.
I even had a variety of vintage trailer window frames to experiment on at home.

Finally, after trying out different ideas on similar window frames at home, and then on actual vintage trailers, I completed what I had set out to achieve!
The first three small window awnings are being field tested in 5 mile per hour wind in the next picture.