Sunday, January 29, 2017

10' x 8' Vintage Trailer Awning Ready To Mail

This inventory awning is boxed and ready to mail. The vintage trailer awning is approximately 10' rail length, extending out approximately 8'. If the level part of your c-channel awning rail is at least 10' long, and has a 3/8" diameter opening on the end, then this awning will slide into your awning rail.
Update Dec. 2017: I have 1 Manhattan Fog awning for sale in the 10' x 8' size. I also have a Sunbrella Turquoise awning for sale in 8' x 8' size.

Manhattan Fog 10' x 8' Awning
One sold but another is still available

Motive Denim 10' x 8' awning for sale SOLD
Sunbrella Turquoise 10' x 8' SOLD
8' x 8' Turquoise is still available

Sunbrella Burgundy/Black/White with Sunbrella Black Braid Trim on the scalloped valances. This vintage trailer awning has three grommets and a vinyl welt. Although the name of the fabric pattern has "white" in it, please note that there are black fibers in the "white" making it appear light grey.
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10' x 8'

Facings are on the underside for added structure and reinforcement for the three brass grommets

A vinyl welt slides into a 3/8" diameter c-channel awning rail

Sunbrella Black Braid Trim is on the scalloped valances

Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric

Large flat rate USPS priority mail box ships for $25.00 with insurance in the USA

Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bag