Friday, June 30, 2017

While I Am Away Instructions

First, I will be away at a Vintage Trailer Rally March15th -18th. The house sitter/ pet sitter will bring checks in from mailbox.
Then I will be in Florida, from April 18th-May 9th, for the birth of my grandson. My husband will still be at home, to mail out any Pre-Made awning sales.

I have been going through my new 2018 inventory this past week, so I have a pretty good idea of how much yardage I have in the different Sunbrella patterns.
Since I will be trying to answer questions from an I-Phone, here are some basic instructions, for while I am away.
1) Know the name of the Sunbrella pattern that you are inquiring about. Or attach a picture of it in an email or Facebook private message. Select patterns from my inventory of Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric.
Click the picture, then click the i (information), for a new screen to open with the name and pattern number up on the right hand side of the page.

 Pictures Of Patterns Link
2) Know the measurement of the most level section of your c-channel awning rail and make sure the opening on the end of the rail has a 3/8" diameter.
3) Let me know if it is a traditional flat awning or an arched awning that you are inquiring about, or a VW Westfalia Awning.
4) A zip-code is helpful in figuring out the shipping and insurance.
5)Attaching a picture of your trailer's color scheme and awning rail is also helpful. Especially if you aren't sure where to measure or need help deciding on a fabric pattern to coordinate.
6) While I am away, a PayPal deposit of $100.00 will reserve the Sunbrella fabric pattern, or inventory awning, plus the next place in line upon my return. The date and time of deposit will determine the wait line order.

I will answer questions by email, or Facebook private message as time allows. 
Your help will be appreciated. My answers need to be short and to the point.  Thank You, Kristi

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