Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Attract Attention with a Trailer Vendor Awning

As vintage trailers have become very popular for food vendors, there has been an increased interest for my small awnings that arc up with shock poles.

I originally called them Weekender Awnings. Customers, who already had a large vintage awning, were inquiring about a small awning just to set up in front of their trailer door. They just wanted a little shade for a quick weekend camping get away. Thus the name Weekender Awning.

So since I am using up my fabric remnants, I decided to make some small vendor awnings, with pockets for the shock poles.
It seems like vintage trailer vendors are setting up in groups, to sell all kinds of interesting things, attracting visitors to
come visit small town America. Maybe that splash of color and  speck of shade, that Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi can provide, will attract attention to your vending trailer too.
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