Monday, September 29, 2014

Picture Illustrations of the Set Up of a Vintage Trailer Awning by Kristi with Shock Poles

A customer requested a 9' rail length awning that extended out from the trailer 8'. This was my first attempt at making a shock pole awning in this larger size, that wasn't a square shape either.

Be careful, because the shock poles are long and will be under tension.

After sliding the awning into the awning rail,
 from underneath, insert the shock poles into the reinforced pockets in each corner.
Slide the shock poles until they cross in the center and lift the awning fabric.

Extend your adjustable height tent poles.
Insert the tent pole tips into the corner grommets first, then the center grommet last.
The shock poles are shown in the correct position on the underside of the awning.
This image shows the incorrect shock pole positioning.
Slide the poles until they cross in the precise spot arching the awning fabric upward.
Tie the  shock poles together to keep them from slipping out of position.

To take the awning back down,
remove tent poles first, then shock pole seconds, then slide the awning out of the awning rail third

Remember that the shock poles are under tension.
Be careful to prevent personal injury.
Be careful to prevent damage to your trailer too, when you remove them from the corner pockets.