Monday, August 24, 2015

Awning Fabric Will Be Arriving In September

Some new patterns of marine grade awning fabric will be arriving in September. I also ordered some more of the  same patterns that I had purchased earlier in 2015, which are now running low on yardage. These bulk orders of awning fabric are only four months apart, so I will also post pictures of patterns that are still available from earlier this year.

4954 Heather Beige Classic

4959 Fern Heather Beige block Stripe

4955 Fern Classic

Cooper Black 4988

Forest Green Natural 4806

Ginza Onyx 4774

Manhattan Fog 4876

Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe 4921

Plum Fancy 4909
Black Forest Fancy 4923

Havelock Brick Sunbrella  4985

Dickson 7915

Manhattan Classic Sunbrella 4789

4907 Taupe 5 Bar Sunbrella

Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe Sunbrella 4905

Always inquire with the measurement of the most level section of your awning rail. Do not include where it might curve downward on the ends. Also, be sure the circular opening on the end of the rail has a 3/8" diameter.