Friday, August 21, 2015

Extra Vintage Trailer Supplies For Specific Situations

There are some items that it would be wise to purchase, for your vintage trailer,  just in case they are needed when  specific situations arise. As many of the older campgrounds update their campsites, to accommodate the large, modern, trailers and motorhomes, these situations can occur.

Over the years we have added to our list of items to have on hand. Instead of wasting valuable camping time and paying premium prices, plan to purchase these supplies in advance.
 In this particular incident, we needed a power converter from 50 AMP down to 30 AMP. At this site we also needed a sewer tube extension and a sewer line support also called a waste hose holder. A water pressure adapter, we use at all campsites.
At a different campground we needed an extra length of white drinking water hose, in order to reach the water connection. A 30 AMP extension power cord was also necessary to reach the power source.
 Since we are all using vintage trailers, wires can get frayed, ground lines can get corroded or loose, breaker box connections can fail. So for safety, please test the skin on the trailer with a voltage detector before grabbing the door handle or grasp. Safety comes first.