Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Bulk Order of Sunbrella Marine grade Awning Fabric Has Arrived

It's here! I am sorting through the patterns and taking pictures of the awning fabric with coordinating thread.

 I know it is hard to tell what accent colors are in the Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, just from a stock picture. So, I am providing close-up shots of the awning fabric with thread spools.  Contact me if I haven't pictured the awning pattern that you want to see.
10' x 8' Motive Denim  4795 Inventory Awning for sale 6-22-2016  SOLD

                    More Motive Denim arriving  Fall 2016 for a custom sized awning
Sunbrella 4932 Forest Green Beige Natural some available and more arriving  for Fall 2016.
                                                      Rodanthe Sunrise Sunbrella
10' x 8' Inventory Awning in progress 6-22-2016 SOLD

Sunbrella 4777 Grey/Beige/Chip/Fancy still available 6-22-2016

Add captionSunbrella 4939 Brass Black Cherry still have plenty June 2016.

10' x 8' Inventory awning for sale  Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe

8' x 8' Colonnade Juniper Inventory Awning SOLD 6-22-2016

More of the Westfield Mushroom 4817 will be arriving in my Fall 2016 order.

More4799 Black/Grey/White will be arriving in my Fall 2016 fabric order

Also   visit my  Facebook business page to see the rest of the 2016 patterns. Will be posting the Fall 2016 patterns soon.