Monday, October 17, 2016

7 1/2' x 7 1/2' Awning with Fringe For Sale

This is the last of my Sattler 364-643 marine grade awning fabric and coordinating pink fringe. The fringe has been sprayed with a UV and waterproofing treatment, to prevent fading and quicker drying after a shower.
This awning has pockets in all four corners, in case you decide to add shock poles. (Shock poles are not included)
There is an extension cord in the facing along the trailer edge for connecting string lights. You can either add name badge clips for vintage string lights, or shower curtain clips for the more modern string lights. A flap has been added along the facing for attaching the clips. The vinyl welt slides into a c-channel awning rail with a 3/8" diameter opening on the end. To make your own poles, use fiberglass tent pole with a 7/16" diameter to arch the awning up for more height underneath and incline for rain run-off. Approximately 136" for each pole is estimated. If you have a slightly curved roof-line on your trailer they will be a few inches shorter.
Shown is the flap for attaching clips, facing with pockets for shock poles and the extension cord for connecting string lights SOLD

Sattler awning fabric is equally vibrant on both sides of the fabric. SOLD

Set up as a traditional rope and pole awning. SOLD
Set up with shock poles for an arched awning.

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