Monday, November 21, 2016

Westfalia VW Bus Awnings

This year I made a prototype awning for a vintage Westfalia VW Bus. Here is a picture of my first VW Bus Awning order being field tested on a vintage Westfalia.

Arched VW Bus Westfalia Awning

Contact me
Since then I have been contacted about designing a VW Bus Awning for a more modern year with a different rain gutter size. So that is also in the works.

Some questions that I had answered about the vintage Westfalia awning:
1) The pop-top on the VW needs to be up slightly to install the awning.
2) The side door slides easily with the awning installed.
3) The pop-top on the VW can close down over the pole in the rain gutter.
4) The second set-up was much easier than the first set-up, once the customer understood how it all worked.
5)The rain gutter size was changed in the 80's, but not sure exactly what year.
Westfalia VW Bus Type 2 Arched Awning
Volkswagen Bus Awning With Shock Poles
Arched Westfalia Volkswagen Bus Awning

Pictures of a VW Bus rain gutters:

I will be trying out one of my Westfalia awnings on this VW Bus  as soon as the weather warms up.

Late 80's VW Bus rain gutter
Another type of VW Bus rain gutter