Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Incorporating Customer Suggestions Into Next Vintage Trailer Awning

Having just returned from a Vintage Trailer Rally, I am making a prototype vintage trailer awning and incorporating some great customer suggestions. (Sold before I even could finish it!)
 One suggestion was to place de-flapper tie down tabs on the sides of the awning up near the trailer edge. Anyone who has been caught in a wind storm knows what flapping is! These tabs will provide another place for tie down lines to attach.
 The same tabs have a double function, as pull along tabs using the tip of a tent pole. When sliding your awning welt along the c-channel, sometimes it needs a little nudge. Using your tent pole tip inserted into the tab, you can help it along without moving your ladder.
De-flapper tab and Pull Along Tab
Another idea I am working on today is an extension cord channel and a place along the trailer edge to hang vintage string lights.

It can get unsightly and dangerous with extension cords all over the place, so I thought this was a great suggestion. 

Channel on the underside to hide an extension cord plus a small flap to attach clips for hanging string lights

The extension cord channel, with attached string light flap, also can accommodate pockets for Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi arched awning design using shock poles.
My prototype goes out in the mail tomorrow. So, I am anxious to have it field tested and receive feedback.
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