Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tie Down Line Set-Up and Other Items

Pictured are some of the items I use while camping, that I am frequently asked about.
Name Badge Clip for hanging vintage string lights

Pulley and spring on tie-down lines

Pulley and eye bolt for pulling an awning along the c-channel awning rail

 Pulley and Eye Bolt System

Measuring the diameter of the opening on the end of a c-channel awning rail

Heavy Duty tent stake with spring and pulley for tie-down lines

Rope tension adjuster

I clamp this device onto the fabric covered pull cords, butting up to the awning rail, when the awning is centered on the awning rail. It prevents the awning from pulling toward you, when staking out your first tie down line. It also keeps a strong wind from sliding or moving the awning off center during a storm. (It should also clamp onto the ends of an awning with a vinyl welt instead of the fabric covered pull cord)
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