Saturday, February 11, 2017

Manhattan Classic Arched 8' x 8' Vintage Trailer Vendor's Awning

More and more business vendors are ordering Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi, with shock poles. The arched design offers more height underneath and incline for rain run-off.

Another important feature is that the shock poles supply the needed tension for a taut awning. So even when the tie-down lines can't be adequately staked out for tension, they can be weighted down instead. 

 Some vendors are creatively using interesting items for anchors. 
You might consider items such as vintage watering cans, vintage coolers, vintage water jugs; things with handles to tie the lines onto that are also containers for adding weight. Use something that represents the goods you are selling. 

When the ground is too soft or too wet to hold in tent stakes, or too hard packed to hammer them in, or you need to set up your vending trailer on concrete such as in a parking lot, use weighted objects on your tie-down lines. 

 When it's time to close up shop, lower your tent poles and carefully bring the awning against the trailer. From behind the awning, you can now swing the shock poles into the down position and remove them from the pockets. They are under tension, so be careful. 

Now just pull the awning out of the c-channel awning rail.
Quick and easy, and no need for a ladder at the end of your busy day.
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