Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 Inventory Awnings For Sale Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

I combined my inventory awnings into one post for your convenience.
 Due to the mild winter in the South, I am already 5 awnings deep in custom vintage trailer awnings.
My 2017 bulk order of Sunbrella fabric is on the pallet and ready to ship, this coming week.
So, this looks like the extent of Inventory Awnings for a while. 
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September 2017 I now have (2) 10' x 8' Manhattan Fog Awnings for sale. I also have a 10' x 8' Motive Denim awning for sale (SOLD). In the 8' x 8' size, I have Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe awning for sale and Dickson Beverly awning for sale. Now available  a 12' x 8' Awning for sale in Sunbrella BayCrest Sky.
12' x 8' BayCrest Sky Sunbrella awning for sale

12' x 8' awning for sale

10' x 8' Manhattan Fog Sunbrella Awning for Sale

8' x 8' Mediterranean Canvas Sunbrella Awning for Sale

8' x 8' Dickson Beverly Awning for Sale

10' x 8' Motive denim Sunbrella Awning for Sale SOLD

 11'2" x 8' Inventory Awning For Sale SOLD

8' x 8' Sunbrella Motive Denim with pockets for Shock Poles SOLD

Baycrest Pacific 7 1/2' x 8' Arched Awning with Blue Shock Poles
7 1/2'  Grey/Beige/ Chip Fancy with Pockets for Shock Poles SOLD
Sunbrella Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe 10' x 8' SOLD
Sunbrella Burgundy/Black/White 10' x 8' SOLD