Friday, February 24, 2017

Shasta Compact Vendor's Awning

A customer shared her pictures of the arched awning she purchased from Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi, for her Shasta Compact.
She decided on Sunbrella Manhattan Classic marine grade awning fabric, since she is a Bee Keeper by trade.

 This looks like the first practice set-up in her driveway.
The adjustable height tent poles will hold up the arched awning, but they still need to be anchored with tie-down lines.
This picture shows the tie-down lines anchored to heavy objects, keeping with the Bee Keeping theme. It looks like a pot of flowers for pollinating (maybe clover) on one side, and maybe a Bee Smoke Pot on the other side.

Because the Shasta Compact has an awning rail that slants downward on one side, one shock pole needed to be adjusted to compensate for the longer reach of that shock pole.

So for Vendor's who regularly need to set up on concrete, hard packed soil, or even in the rain, the weighted tie-down lines are recommended. Tent stakes will not hold in saturated ground after a heavy rain, and of course the concrete in parking lots require weighted lines. 

I was excited to see the creativity this vendor used in making a very attractive display for selling honey.
Here is the awning on my Tag-A-Long Trailer as I was sizing the shock poles.

Setting the arched awning up at my house to be sure the shock poles were the correct length.

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